The Air & Sea Freight Alternative

Our nationwide less than truckload mid mile service that can deliver nationwide safely, securely and with predictable lead time.


XpresLand trucks has daily scheduled departures* from our XpresDock Facility to over 20 routes nationwide. This service is also available for backload.


* Frequency of depatures varies per route.  For more information on delivery schedules, please ask your account executive

XpresLand 123

XpresLand 123

XpresLand 123 is the reliable transport service that is your alternative to airfreight that can gets to our hubs anywhere in Luzon in 1 day, 2 days in Visayas and 3 days in Mindanao.


XpresLand 357

XpresLand 357 is the faster alternative to seafreight that can gets to our hubs anywhere in Luzon in 3 days, 5 days in Visayas and 7 days in Mindanao. Perfect alternative to LCL.

XpresLand 357
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