What is XDEXpres System?


Delivery Made Easy

Whilst most Logistics and freight forwarding companies in the Philippines still offers the traditional freight forwarding services or customized logistics solutions, XDE Logistics continues to innovate and looks at alternatives to the traditional practices in the domestic logistics industry.


To help our partners have a more predictable delivery lead time,  gain cost advantages and better visibility which leads to inventory reduction, improved customer service and stakeholder value, XDE Logistics offers our XDExpres System

An Innovative Alternative

XDEXpres System is XDE Logistics' innovative approach in providing an alternative  by mass customizing, systematizing and bundling the traditional logistics services.


XDE Xpres System is all about creating visibility, velocity and predictability whilst helping our clients to manage risk within the supply chain to add value to their stakeholders.


XpresLand, XpresParcel, XpresMile, XpresHaul, Xpres Carrier, XpresDoc, XpresHub and XpresOnline are all part of the XDEXpres System.