Our Services

Land, Air & Sea Freight, Contract Logistics, Special Projects & XDEXpres System


Land Freight

Nationwide Road Freight Service
With over 1000 vehicles in its fleet, XDE Logistics can provide first, mid and last mile road and multimodal freight nationwide from small parcels to a full truck load.

XDE Logistics' innovative approach in providing an alternative  by mass customizing, systematizing and bundling the traditional logistics services.


Air Freight

Express Deliveries through Air Freight Service
With our partnership with all major domestic airlines, XDEAirCargo is our mid mile air freight service that can deliver to most major cities in the Philippines.


Sea Freight

Highly Efficient Nationwide Sea Freight Service
From Full Container Load to Less than Container Load shipments, XDESeaCargo is our sea freight solution.

Contract Logistics

From Simple to Complex Warehousing Solutions
Cross Docking, Consolidation, Storage and various value added solutions are just some of the logistics warehousing solutions that XDE Logistics can offer.


Special Projects

Heavy Lift Transport Solutions

Using specialized vehicles and equipment, XDE Logistics can move your cargo from point A to B safely and on time.

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Forecasting Financial Statements

- Identifying key drivers - Using the drivers to forecast financial statements - Debugging the model

Historical Financial & Operating Data

- Correct sourcing of financial data and figures - Sourcing Operational Data - Conversion to correct units - Best Practices for Data Input

Rationalizing Input Assumptions

- Process of rationalizing assumptions - Building real world scenarios into assumptions - Assumption Best Practices

Customizing the Model Template

- How to start building a model template from scratch - Customize the line items in the model to suit the business - Identifying the material line items and dealing with non-material line items - Operating Data metrics - Working notes for the Model

Case Study

- Indian Technology Company 1 - Covered in Video Lectures - Indian Technology Company 2 - Covered in Assignment & Assignment Solutions

Understanding the Business Model

- How to research about a business - Understand the key financial metrics - Identify the key operating metrics

Do I need to have a prior knowledge of financial modelling?


Will I receive a certificate?


Will we get recordings of the lectures?

Q&a sessions yes. Live final session no.

The content we receive will be of how many hours?

Approx 10 hours including video lectures, q&a sessions and final webinar. Excluding the time you will put for assignments

How many video lectures will we receive?


Will there be a deadline to submit the assignments ?

Yes. 6 days from when you receive it.

How long will we have access to the video lectures?

You will have a three month access to the video lectures.

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