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XDE Logistics

For over 30 years, XDE Logistics has evolved from a simple freight forwarding business to a full service logistics company.


Providing traditional services such as land freight, air freight, sea freight, contract logistics and special projects to a quality and operational excellence driven logistics partner that offers a combined traditional and solutions- based services to a branded innovative logistics  system.

XDE stands for XIMEX Delivery Express.


XDE Logistics is a locally owned private company with its head office based in Tanyag, Taguig City and is part of the XIMEX group of companies with its corporate headquarters based in Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines.



To be the market leader by being excellent in everything that we do.


To provide world-class differentiated services to all regions through a fully integrated network.

To create value for all the stakeholders by being operationally excellent.

Core Values






XDE Logistics Personnel

Historical Milestones

XDE Logistics' growth and evolution as a company can be traced from its historical milestones in more than 30 years of operation.

From its aggressive asset expansion, quality systems accreditation, rebranding to its private equity partnership and acquisitions.


Our Beginning


Ximex opened doors to its customers in
Cagayan De Oro

XpresMile Fleet


1000+ Vehicles

One of the key strengths of XDE Logistics is that it owns over 1000 vehicles ranging from motorcycles to big tractor heads and specialty vehicles that services almost 98% of our customer requirements.

1200+ Employees

Logistics as a business that relies heavily on qualified and highly trained personnel. Due to its continuous growth, XDE Logistics has consistently expanded its employee base.

4 Million+Kgs

XDE Logistics moves an average of over 4,000,000 kgs of cargo throughout the Philippines with hundreds of thousands of cbm passing through our facilities.

1000+ RORO Trips

XDE Logistics has been one of the first to systematize and maximize the use of the Philippine Nautical Highway System, also known as the Road Roll-on/Roll-off Terminal System with over 1000 monthly trips.


Industry Presence & Partners

15+ Industries with over 300 Accounts

Whatever industry your company belongs to, whatever type and value of your products, we have the solution for you.


Providing parcel service to eCommerce platform providers, multimodal freight services and multinational 3rd party Logistics providers.

Our customers are not just customers, they are our partners.


Most of the leading brands in the Philippines have partnered with XDE Logistics for their nationwide freight and logistics requirements.

As part of our mission to Make Delivery Easy, we also find ways to make it easy for our partners to do business with us.


From big multinational companies to small and medium size enterprise, we Make Delivery Easy.

Industry Partners & Customers
XDE Logistucs Organization

Our Organization

Over 100 years of Logistics Management Experience

Collectively, the Officers of XDE Logistics have over a century of logistics and general management experience from various industries.

Organizational development activities such as skills training, succession planning, performance management are the keys to the success of XDE Logistics.